Discover the drink rooted in history, vibrancy and culture

Malt drinks are all about tradition and have been part of families for many generations. People have grown up with them and they continue to feature throughout their everyday lives and special occasions.

Enjoyed in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America for decades, they continue to be a popular non-alcoholic drink choice. Because of this, they are part of the vibrant celebrations that take place throughout these global destinations, including parties, festivals and music and cultural events.

This lively and dynamic heritage and culture is at the heart of Trumalt, which is why we want to excite and energise people with our malt drinks.

Trumalt drinks are produced by KTC Edibles – an independently-owned family business with almost 50 years of experience in sourcing and producing high-quality and affordable ingredients from around the world. This means you can be satisfied that our drinks taste great and are packed full of flavour and passion.